Mr. Moakes has a degree in Production Engineering from the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom, and has more than thirty-five years of experience as an engineer.  He has been employed by Consulting Engineers & Scientist, Inc. since 1997 where his responsibilities include vehicular accident reconstruction (automobiles, trucks, buses) airbag analysis, material handling, workplace layout, machine guarding, and industrial lift truck evaluation.  He has evaluated accidents involving vehicles, pedestrians, and motorcycles.  His experience also includes investigating matters concerning golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, watercraft, and power and telecommunication cables.

Mr. Moakes also has over thirteen years of experience in manufacturing processes, workplace and factory design, as well as factory start-ups both in the United States and overseas.  In particular, Mr. Moakes was involved in the development and manufacture of optical fiber communication cables and now provides engineering evaluation regarding fiber optics, and copper wire and cable technology.

Prior to working at Consulting Engineers & Scientist, Inc., Mr. Moakes was a senior engineer at a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of airbag systems to the automotive industry.  His employment involved research and development programs for electronic crash sensors, airbag inflators, and smart airbag systems.  Additionally, his development work resulted in patents being filed in his name.