Paul K. Goldberg, P.E., has a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering with over fifty years of engineering experience. In 1970, Mr. Goldberg left the industry and went into private practice consulting with attorneys and insurance companies in the fields of failure analysis, machine guarding, and aircraft accident evaluation. In 1980, he created a corporation that evolved into Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. and today serves as its President and CEO.

Prior to being in private practice, Mr. Goldberg was employed in the aerospace industry where he evaluated components for conformation to specifications and operated the electron microscope to determine the failure characteristics of aircraft components. In addition, he participated in aircraft accident evaluations and performed technical audits, which included the evaluation of production and machining operations for aerospace suppliers.

At Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. he has performed failure analyses in cases involving bridges, buildings, cranes, and tower collapses and on matters involving aviation, automotive, and marine equipment failures, pressure vessel explosions, chain and cable failures, bicycles, ladders, hand tools, and chair failures as well as medical devices ranging from pedicle screws to bone plates and artificial joints.

Mr. Goldberg has also evaluated numerous industrial accidents concerned with industrial safety and machine guarding in industries such as metal production and fabrication, paper and printing, food processing, and woodworking. Additionally, he has investigated numerous accidents involving conveyors and material handling systems.

Mr. Goldberg is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.