We are the “Sherlock Holmes” of forensic science.

“It is our business to know what others do not know.”

– the CESI team
with inspiration from Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes novels

about cesi

Our Firm

Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. provides investigative and research services as well as supporting expert testimony for matters that are in or have the potential for litigation.

With offices in Malvern, Pennsylvania and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we respond quickly to the client’s needs and deploy our team of experts in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our Roots

Established in 1969 by Paul K. Goldberg, P.E., Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. brings extensive design, engineering, project management, scientific knowledge/testing, and experience in diverse backgrounds of industry, quality control, and research and development.

Our clients benefit from the expertise of engineers, architects, scientists and a wide array of other professionals whose combined experience has included thousands of investigations and hundreds of hours of court testimony.

Our Approach

We will help you see beyond the narrow view of an incident, to uncover a broader understanding of the case itself. This is especially useful in clarifying situations where the facts and incident causes are ambiguous.

Our skilled experts review every aspect of an accident or incident, by collecting and thoroughly analyzing site data.

The CESI team is experienced at delivering the narrative of a case, both in written form and in spoken testimony on the witness stand. Thorough reports are prepared using data collected during investigation. Each expert report is peer reviewed.

Our Commitment

Long established and respected in their fields, our firm’s experts have successfully participated in cases of major proportions. We have addressed meetings of local bar, defense, and trial lawyer associations, as well as other organizations including the Pennsylvania College for the Judiciary, Pennsylvania Legal Education Program, and Temple University’s Masters in Trial Advocacy program.

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