3D Laser Scanning

Choosing technology such a 3D laser scan of an incident scene can enable our clients to portray information in a way that a verbal description cannot, adding great value to your case.

As technology advances, we find new and innovative ways to obtain and use information from incident scenes. With the aid of a 3D laser scanner we can gather information on a large scale quickly and accurately for use in Accident Reconstruction, Premises Liability, Biomechanical Analysis, Construction, and Architecture. Not only is it efficient but by collecting data in this manner, the information can be accessed at a later time where additional measurements can be taken, with no need to revisit the scene.

Using the data collected at the incident scene, we are able to create concise walkthroughs that will enable attorneys and the jury to digitally witness the scene at the time of the incident. 2D and 3D diagrams can be used to demonstrate the actual measurements and movements at the scene. Visually accurate animations can be used to recreate an accident and allow interested parties to actually see what occurred.