We are pleased to announce that Albert L. de Richemond, P.E. has recently joined the staff of Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. as a forensic engineer.  Al has over forty years of experience in engineering mechanics and has a Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics.

Al’s prior experience comes from both industry and forensic work.  He has a professional engineer’s license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has investigated accidents and testified in litigation matters.

His prior work experience included the design, operation, maintenance and repair of vacuum equipment, cement plant equipment that included ball mills, roller mills, kilns, gears, fans, and preheaters.  His experience also involved the design, construction and testing of laboratory crusher equipment and the construction and maintenance of a foam cup conveying and manufacturing line.  In addition, he worked for companies in the design, testing, and manufacture of pressure sensors for use in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, HVAC, position sensing, and military applications.

In the forensic field, Al has evaluated medical/hospital devices and equipment and surgical fires including oxygen safety and medical gas and vacuum system design and safety.  In addition, he evaluated commercial products such as beds, stools, gasoline containers, and compressed gas tanks.

At Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc., Al’s responsibilities include commercial, industrial and agricultural equipment design evaluation, maintenance, guarding, and safety.  He also handles piping, plumbing, valves, pressure vessels; pneumatic and hydraulic systems; sprinkler systems; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC); dust collection and vacuum equipment; and power tools.  He evaluates consumer products including chairs, bicycles, toys and exercise equipment; equipment failure analysis; weld evaluations; material processing, and conveying equipment; automatic doors; medical equipment/device analysis; surgical fire investigation; oxygen safety; medical gas and vacuum system design and safety; and Codes and Standards compliance.

Al joins our Mechanical Group that evaluates matters concerned with machine safety, component and systems failure analysis, automobile, truck, bus and heavy vehicle accident reconstruction, construction and materials handling vehicle accident analysis, and biomechanics, which relates trauma to injury.  Our synergistic approach to the evaluation of forensic matters results in both technical and economic benefits to our clients and provides them with “one-stop shopping.”

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