Product Liability

Product LiabilityProduct Liability issues are diverse and require a high level of engineering and scientific expertise.  Our engineering and scientific experts have handled thousands of product liability matters over the years and have been called on numerous times by the same law firms and insurance companies.  Our mechanical, metallurgical, materials and biomechanical experts can provide a breadth of experience that will be invaluable.

The complexity of life in the twenty-first century has significantly increased as has the interaction between mechanical and electrical systems and the human being.  Under such circumstances, the types of accidents and the products that are involved are infinite in number.  A broad characterization of the types of products involved run the gamut from transportation vehicles, consumer products, industrial equipment, materials handling equipment, appliances, furniture, power and hand tools, heating/air conditioning and ventilation equipment, structural components, agricultural equipment, medical and dental equipment, and recreational products.

Most of the above products cause injury as a result of a component failure, a lack of adequate and proper guarding, or the omission of necessary cautions and warnings concerning the safe use of the product.  As a result of the extensive variety of potential products, and the precise circumstances surrounding an incident, the permutations become overwhelming.

Product LiabilityThe complexity of the accidents that occur in modern life require a detailed analysis by trained and skillful experts to determine the nature and cause of the incident.  To this end, the analysis must be conducted in a professional and thorough manner so as to reach conclusions that can be presented in a way which will lead to the ultimate resolution of the assignment of liability.

We offer complete investigation and litigation support that will give you the perspective you need to create effective legal strategies and case presentation.  Call us to discuss your next product liability case.