Failure Analysis

Failure AnalysisFailure AnalysisFailure Analysis





Failure Analysis is an evaluation to determine why an assembly, mechanism, or component broke, fractured or malfunctioned. This evaluation can involve components from automobiles, ships, buses, heavy vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and consumer products such as chairs, ladders, glass, structural members and fasteners. The product in question may be a component made from metal, plastic, rubber, glass, or a composite material.

Failure Analysis generally requires a laboratory evaluation, that could include electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and a material microstructural evaluation. As a result of that evaluation, the failure or fracture mode is determined in conjunction with the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the subject material. The culmination of this laboratory evaluation, along with the investigator’s deductive reasoning and sequential thinking, leads to a probable sequence of events and an engineering explanation for how and why the failure occurred. This analysis can be critical to the outcome of your litigation matter.

Failure Evaluations: Automotive, Heavy Vehicles, Buses, Agricultural and Construction Vehicles

Our Automotive Accident Evaluation and Reconstruction Group has extensive expertise and experience with all types of vehicles, including heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, semi-trailers, and tractors as well as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts and all-terrain vehicles.

We have developed a multi-level approach to automobile, trucks, buses and heavy vehicle accidents using failure analysis, biomechanical engineering (the relationship of trauma to injury), accident reconstruction, and roadway analysis in combination to evaluate these matters.

Marine Incidents are also a special focus of ours.  Our experts handle forensic matters related to:
— vessel damages/losses
— cargo damages/losses
— personal injuries/deaths
— environmental pollution incidents
— machinery/equipment damages/losses related to commercial, naval and recreational marine vessels and operations.

Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. has the expertise and experience as well as a high degree of problem-solving skills in this refined and technical engineering discipline. Please call us today to discuss your failure analysis matter.