Cause and Origin

Cause and OriginThe causes of fires have been investigated ever since human beings discovered and harnessed the use of fire. In the modern era with the advent of the industrial revolution and the development of urban buildings, people lived and worked in proximity to each other. Concurrent with the development of cities, technology, and agriculture, fire cause evaluation became essential with the idea of preventing fires that destroyed life, structures, and agricultural crops. Most recently, “cause and origin” determination, or more properly termed origin and cause, has been documented, studied, and evaluated by municipal, maritime, and private agencies including the insurance industry.

The specifics of determining the cause of a fire for both safety and forensic reasons is achieved by an evaluation of ignition sources, burn patterns, progression direction, and environmental factors. In modern day society, factors such as electrical power, electrical appliances, combustible materials, chemical reactions, manufacturing processes, and their possible interaction can result in a determination of how and why a fire occurred.

Cause and OriginIn addition to a cause and origin specialist, ancillary disciplines such as electrical engineering, hazardous materials, and manufacturing processes evaluation may be factors in fire causation. To that end, Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. can assist you since we have both the expertise and synergy to pursue the cause and origin evaluation of a fire in a manner that is both efficient and economical.

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