Bio MechanicsBiomechanics is the marriage of mechanical engineering with anatomy and physiology. The broad range of biomechanical engineering, research encompasses many subsets with different research objectives.

Forensic biomechanics focuses on the person and his interaction with his environment and with things in his environment.

In premises liability cases, a biomechanical engineer expert is utilized to determine the mechanism of injury based on medical records and environmental conditions to validate or contest a claim.

In motor vehicle accidents, our biomechanical engineer expert works alongside accident reconstruction experts to determine the occupant kinematics and how injuries occur within a vehicle.  They also evaluate restraint systems and protective devices and determine if injuries are consistent with the available evidence.

In products liability cases, biomechanical engineer experts evaluate the mechanical aspects of a product, and also evaluate the product’s interaction with the human body to determine if a product is defective.  Biomechanics is also utilized in determining the nature and the cause of amusement ride and playground injuries.

Anytime there is an injury, a biomechanical engineer expert may be able to determine the nature and cause of the injury based upon environmental conditions, accident dynamics, and the medical diagnosis.

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