ArchitectureForensic Architecture is a science that establishes the relationship between the application of architectural facts and legal responsibilities. This science deals with any service, product, or property that was rendered or provided in connection with the built environment.

The built environment is a highly sophisticated and complex construct that requires the concerted efforts of many individuals and entities. Construction is a complex and dynamic enterprise, and it often takes special knowledge and understanding to address the intricate legal and technical problems that arise with planning, design, and construction.

If a problem arises due to the design, construction, alteration, or operation of buildings, the Forensic Expert Architect has the expertise to investigate the Architecturearchitectural facts of the matter. Investigative tasks such as inspecting building failures, researching codes and ordinances, interpreting contract requirements, evaluating project financial arrangements, analyzing construction logistics and schedules, and reporting on investigation findings are all integral to the Expert Architect’s services. A technically educated and experienced Expert Architect can explain the responsibilities of the parties involved and their relationship to applicable codes, practices, and standards.

The services of an Expert Architect can be paramount in determining the outcome of a built environment liability issue. Call or email us today to discuss your case.