CESI Expert Ron Cohen was a Speaker at NJAJ Boardwalk Conference

April 2014
CESI Vice President Ron Cohen, P.E. was a speaker at the NJAJ Boardwalk Conference program “Civil and Criminal Investigations” held on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.   Mr. Cohen spoke on the topic of “Discovery Problems and Engineering Solutions” to an audience of NJAJ members and police detectives and investigators.

Ronald J. Cohen, P.E.

 Mr. Cohen offered advice on engaging the services of an expert:

 1. Take the time to satisfy yourself that the expert has the qualifications and experience you need.

  2. If you do not like your expert, a jury will likely share your feeling. Take the time to meet your expert.

3. Don’t wait for a bill to arrive, know the cost associated with the expert’s work.

4. Does your expert have the knowledge and ability to identify and handle all of the aspects of the work being undertaken?

Using four different Case Studies, Mr. Cohen discussed how discovery issues can influence the findings and outcome of a case.

Finally, he provided three issues to be considered when handling a case involving Vehicle-Positioning Devises:

  • Certain parking stalls warrant vehicle-positioning devices.
  • Wheel stops should be discernible under the expected conditions of use.
  • There are vehicle-positioning devises other than wheel stops.

Mr. Cohen can be reached at (610) 296-2250 or rcohen@ces-experts.com.

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