CESI Andrés Calderón was a Speaker at NJAJ Boardwalk Conference

April 2014
On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, CESI biomechanical expert Andrés J. Calderón, PhD. was a speaker at the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ) on the panel “Civil and Criminal Investigations.”     Dr. Calderón spoke on the topic of “Forensic Biomechanics in Criminal Investigations.”  Those in attendance were NJAJ members as well as police detectives and investigators.

20100916_ces_a_21_webDr. Calderón explained that Biomechanical Engineering is the application of Mechanical Engineering to the study of biological structures (Human Body).  Involved are the mechanics of Biodynamics, Orthopedic Biomechanics, Injury Biomechanics, and Medical Devices.

Typically biomechanical engineers are involved in cases relating to injuries from slip, trip and falls, motor vehicle accidents and industrial accidents.  These accidents tend to result in soft tissue injuries, broken bones, muscle-tendon injuries,lesions and tears, whiplash, disc tears and herniation.

Dr. Calderón focused on two Case Studies.  The first involved a severe rear-end motor vehicle collision where there was controversy over the identification of the driver.   There were  two occupants (one male and one female) with the female being ejected.  The police believed that the woman was the driver.  Dr. Calderón reviewed the injuries of each person and then related those injuries to the physical evidence from the accident car and scene.  He then determined that it was the male who was the driver and the women was the passenger.

In an assault case, where a fall followed an argument by two neighbors, Dr. Calderón was called on to determine if the visiting neighbor was pushed down the stairs by the homeowner or if the fall resulted from something else.  The neighbor who fell down the stairs incurred substantial injuries.  The homeowner had a swollen left eye.
Dr. Calderón reviewed the injuries and the scene of the fall and determined that the injuries incurred by the neighbor were biomechanically consistent with him losing his balance as he was twisting or turning to his left and subsequently falling down the stairs.  The location where the neighbor’s head contacted the stairs was consistent with him falling down the stairs after losing his balance as opposed to being pushed.

Dr. Calderón can be reached at (610) 296-2250 or acalderón@ces-experts.com

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