Water Treatment

Water TreatmentWater supply and wastewater treatment are a necessity of daily life in this country. As a result, any problem that may arise that is associated with these areas will have a dramatic impact on people and places to which these services are given. These impacts may affect anyone from entire municipal governmental bodies to individual homeowners or businesses.

Water supply problems that could arise include anything from problems with the homeowner’s well supply or dirty water from the distribution system to process issues at a water treatment facility. Wastewater problems can occur from homeowner issues to treatment plant process malfunctions.

Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. has provided expert opinions on all aspects of wastewater treatment including on-site treatment malfunctions, sewer collection system operations, and treatment plant operations and maintenance activities. We can also provide evaluations of the quality of a water supply to the treatment facilities.

Our experts have also been called on to evaluate the impact on streams and other environmental areas because of water treatment issues.

Water TreatmentConsulting Engineers & Scientists, Inc. has a skilled staff of licensed professionals that have many years of experience in the water and wastewater field. Our staff includes licensed water and wastewater treatment plant operators and professional engineers who have operated facilities and can provide expert opinions on a wide range of problems.

Since our staff has operated most types of facilities, we can diagnose problem issues and provide insight that only comes from experience in field. We are also adept at evaluating the Federal and state regulatory issues that may be associated with certain wastewater.

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