Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

Consulting Engineers & Scientists Inc. can bring to your Accident Reconstruction matter experienced multi-disciplined engineers and scientists. All have credentials, are licensed and have at least 15 years of diverse experience within their specific engineering and scientific disciplines. This depth of experience is the foundation for effective investigation, analytical review and presentation process – each characterized by thoroughness, consistency and clear communications.

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Automotive Accident Evaluation and Reconstruction Group
Trucks  — Trailers — Buses —  Automobiles
Agricultural Vehicles — Underground Mine Vehicles — Construction Vehicles

Our Automotive Accident Evaluation and Reconstruction Group has extensive expertise and experience with all types of vehicles, including heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, semi-trailers, and tractors as well as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts and all-terrain vehicles.

We have developed a multi-level approach to automobile, trucks, buses and heavy vehicle accidents using accident reconstruction, failure analysis, biomechanical engineering (the relationship of trauma to injury), and roadway analysis in combination to evaluate these matters.  Additionally, we have the ability to retrieve and analyze crash data from specific vehicles that were involved in collisions or other accidents.

The multi-discipline engineering and scientific experts can offer computer aided accident reconstruction, and computer generated Collision Prediction and Simulation of your incident.  For effective and compelling presentation of your case, 3-D animations of the incident can be produced for court.  Whether your accident reconstruction case requires the downloading and  interpretation of “black box” data, the knowledge of our supplementary restraints expert, the analysis of our biomechanical engineer or meteorologist expert, Consulting Engineers & Scientists Inc. can provide it all.  Call or email us today to discuss your case with an expert.

Accident Reconstruction